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    3. Boduo Group

      • VISION

        Lead the development of the industry
        Create high-quality lives
        Spread healthiness and happiness

      • culture

        Learning consistently is a shortcut
        Treat others like families
        Be competitive and evolutionary

      • operation

        Brand franchising & Diversified investments
        Seize the local market & Expand overseas
        Build a platform for collectivized management



      new enterprise

      We are Boduo people
      We are together because we have the same dream
      When chasing our dream, we experience happiness and exhilaration
      Boduo people are pioneers in the industry, spreading healthiness and happiness, and leading high-quality lives

      Boduo is located in a beautiful city in China -- Hangzhou
      Specializing in ingredient manufacturing, food & beverage franchising, entrepreneurship training, and company-owned store managing
      Possessing business in several fields including food, hotel, tea beverage, and health care
      We are expanding our business worldwide, aiming to be a leading enterprise across the world

      We strive to create a better future everyday
      Offering development opportunities for employees, partners, and regions, and endeavoring to provide greater paybacks for our investors
      We believe that Boduo brands will guide people to have a healthier and more active lifestyle, fulfilling our social responsibility



      Different personalities and a mature organizational structure lead to diverse teams
      Various personalities are understood and accepted here, which bring people new inspiration
      Every Boduo family member follows the same belief

      Boduo Group

      • dream is what makes you happy, when you are just trying!


      Learn from whom? From our competitors, customers, and colleagues
      What to learn? To learn others’ advantages and strengths
      (great technologies, designs, products, advices, thinking and ideas, experience, strategies, etc.)
      How to learn? The first step is to imitate, reducing the cost, preventing the mistakes, and growing faster
      After some experience has been accumulated, innovations will be developed by standing on the shoulders of giants


      Care our employees with heart and soul, and implement it into action
      Be friendly to every colleague, and help colleagues solve problems genuinely
      When others face challenges, we will try our best to help them
      Guide employees to dig their potentials and improve their skills, helping employees develop and attain better paybacks
      Pay close attention to our customers, care our customers with heart and soul, and implement it into action
      Consistently provide customers with high-quality services and acceptable prices


      The competition in the market is intensive
      “survival of the fittest” is a natural law, surviving is the premise of development, we need to stay alert
      Draw the reasonable part of “wolf culture”, and gather our resources and strengths together
      Improve our collaborative capability and competitiveness, and finally win the competition
      Win our market share and respect from our competitors


      Boduo has accumulated a great amount of experience in brand operation
      We actively spread healthy lifestyles
      Offer innovative and high-quality services based on our customers’ needs
      Looking forward to the future, we believe that Boduo will become a leading enterprise across the world


      Multi brand-operation system

      Zhejiang Boduo Investment & Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000.
      After ten years, it has become a worldwide enterprise integrating food & beverage franchising and its upstream and downstream.
      Boduo has expanded its business across China, and in 13 overseas countries and regions, possessing over 10,000 stores;
      As “starting a business” became a new trend in China, Boduo moved with the times, fully leverage its strengths,
      Raised hundreds of entrepreneurs, and turned a humble industry into a great cause.

      Boduo Group
      Boduo Industry & Trade
      Ingredient manufacture and supplies, food & beverage brand franchising & operation
      Startup consulting & entrepreneurship training, direct-managing system building
      The Special bird & chain
      A platform for tea beverage brand franchising
      18-year operation experience, over 10,000 stores

      tea brand

      my girl
      Start From Your Heart
      4000 stores across China
      Fresh tea extraction, fresh drinks
      tea land
      Tea Freshness Br?lée
      2500 stores across China
      A great choice of high-end tea beverages
      tea walk
      Not Using Solid Ingredients Is Immoral
      3000 stores across China
      Spread healthy lifestyles through the products
      milk tea
      A Ten-Year Classic Brand
      Professional milk tea producing skills
      Some of the stores have been upgraded and renamed as Milk Tea Shop

      An Integrated Tea Beverage Brand
      2500 stores across China
      A great integration of healthy tea beverages and light foods

      Authentic Hong Kong Food & Tea Beverage
      The only Hong Kong style brand in Boduo
      Offer smooth and delightful tea beverages, healthy and fashionable

      A Whole Chicken Is Enough
      A startup, a unique brand
      As a professional chicken, sorry that we came late

      catering brand

      10-Second get to Yunnan Rice Vermicelli
      Shimiaodao Yunnan Rice Noodles
      Present authentic taste and appearance of Yunnan rice noodles
      A traditional delicacy
      NaiGe Sauerkraut Fish
      NaiGe Sauerkraut Fish
      Create fast food of Sauerkraut Fish
      Build small and beautiful brand personality
      Kowloon Bus
      Kowloon Bus
      An inheritance of Hong Kong culture, deliver authentic Hong Kong cuisine
      An authentic Hong Kong style tea restaurant, a perfect dining choice for couples

      Rice Box A Bite of The World
      Classic recipes, meticulous cooking, original flavors Create an innovative Chinese rice restaurant

      Qing Shu Malatang Original Flavors Of Foods
      Boiling is a healthy method of cooking
      Go back to a natural style

      Boduo Group

      Bodou Homestead
      Boduo Home
      Three ingredient factories
      Take place of 60% milk tea ingredient market
      Boutique Hotel
      Boutique Hotel
      A boutique hotel
      Cooperate with Waipojia Dining Co., Ltd.
      Neck- recovered
      Jing Kang No.1
      Led by intangible cultural heritage inheritors
      Inherit traditional Miao medicine
      Offer professional Miao medicine diagnoses
      A trendy mall for young people
      A slow lifestyle, a space for socialization
      Art, fashion, and delicacy

      Hangzhou Duke

      A Pioneer Brand Of No Non-Dairy Creamer Milk Tea
      A Pioneer Brand Of No Non-Dairy Creamer Milk Tea
      2000 stores across China
      Let every people have access to healthy tea beverages
      A High-End Taiwan Tea Brand
      A High-End Taiwan Tea Brand
      Over 1600 stores across China, and 5 overseas stores
      A great brand, an international brand
      Hey, give you more
      Hey, give you more
      A cost-effective tea beverage brand
      A creative moving store
      Have a skewer, and a fried chicken
      Have a skewer, and a fried chicken
      Great products are the absolute principle
      Strive to build an affordable franchise brand

      Shanghai Liyu

      Mee City Fresh Tea Beverage
      Mee City Fresh Tea Beverage
      A healthy tea beverage store
      Over 150 stores across China
      No non-dairy creamer, healthy, and fresh

      Hangzhou Guyou

      Luo Guanzhong
      Luo Guanzhong
      Do a bowl of rice noodles with warmness
      Not only satisfy your stomach
      Just Full Fried Rice
      Just Full Fried Rice
      High-tech fry pan
      Present efficient service and delicious foods

      Hangzhou Duoyuan

      Freshly boiled beef soup & noodles
      A dining table, various dishes, diverse flavors
      Norden Wave Coffee
      Norden Wave Coffee
      Coffee is a classic beverage
      The coffee industry is a delicious industry
      In Cha
      In Cha
      Be full of expectation
      Every cup is worth the wait

      Hangzhou Haowai

      Mr. Zhi
      Mr. Zhi
      Mr. Zhi Shengjian never forgets its origin
      Why live a fast life?
      Present the essence of delicacies
      Captain Science
      Captain Science
      Captain Science always has your favorite dish
      Burger, fried chicken, fries, and other snacks
      I have all what you want

      The news of Boduo

      8th Sept,2015

      On August 20 to 28, 2015, Yu chairman was invited to attend the China - Spain - South Africa Business Summit forum. Chinese representatives attended the meeting on behalf of only two, and the other is Alibaba executives. The Spanish government has made a thoughtful arrangement for the visit of Yu Tong.

      14th Aug,2015

      The 19th Entrepreneurship Union Summit is successfully ended on August 14,2015 in company headquarters. The manager of the Franchising Development, Yelong Wang, presided over the summit meeting.

      At the beginning, in order to make the atmosphere more active, Mr. Wang invited six entrepreneurs to join in a game named “you give me 30 yuan, return you 100 yuan ”, which present a profound interpretation of Chinese proverb “planting a seed in spring, and graining ten thousand in autumn”.

      10th Aug,2015

      Boduo Group deployment conference about the first half of 2015 opened at 8:30 in the morning on August 8. It summed up the first half of the 2015, analyzed the situation, carried out the key work of the next 6 months, held the confidence to ensure the completion of full-year target, and promote the rapid development of company. We would work hard for creating a world-class enterprises .

      1th Aug,2015

      On the afternoon of July 30,2015,ZheJiang Holley group Xiao QiJing with more than 20 group executives visited the headquarter of Boduo Groups. They conducted a second meeting about cooperation on the overseas projects.

      8th Jul,2015

      In order to enhance the user's experience awareness, improve the company's popularity, promote the visual image conveying of Boduo Group’s enterprise culture, business philosophy and Brand building, further play the role of outreach sites and provide our clients with a better service exchange platform, we introduced a new official website for Boduo Group. The new website was launched successfully on 8th July of 2015.

      18th May,2015

      The success is spreading rapidly for the milk tea Brand of the Tea Industry leader ”The Special Bird & Chain” –My Girl. Following the success that My Girl entered in Philippine market in 2014, at the beginning of 2015, it was also successful to open the marketing in Cambodia.



      Boduo utilizes sustainable brand strategies to reinforce the positive development of the enterprise
      High-quality brand operation enables Boduo to build its core strength and competitiveness
      Internet Marketing Department: 400-672-8890
      Information Department: 0571-89001827
      Brand Partnership: chenzejian@boduogroup.com

      Franchising Opportunities

      Boduo possesses trendy concepts, solid strengths, and 16-year experience of operation management
      Which enables Boduo to have a leading brand franchising capability in the industry
      Our sophisticated and unique brand positioning and advantageous operation platform provide entrepreneurs with detail-oriented support
      Tea Beverage Franchising Department: 400-672-8890
      Restaurant Franchising Department: 400-679-1838
      Ingredient & Equipment Purchasing: 400-017-1778


      To implement our brand strategies, we expect to have various cooperation with medias
      Achieve the largest potential of brand management, apply brand strategies effectively, and define a clear direction of brand development

      Contact Us

      Zhejiang Boduo Investment Management Co., Ltd.
      Address: No.6 Building, Landu Technology Park 5 Yaojia Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, China
      Post Code: 311113
      Phone Number: 0571-88088122
      Fax: 0571-85265639

      Hangzhou Duke Co., Ltd.
      Address: 10th Floor, Unit 1, Baifu Time Center, 332 Qiutao North Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, China
      Tea Beverage Franchising: 400-999-3539

      Shanghai Liyu Co., Ltd.
      Address: Room 110, 3rd Floor, Baili Park 168 Jiugan Road, Sijing Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China
      Tea Beverage Franchising: 400-990-8850